Sharps containers to fit your every need


With our wide range of leak-resistant and locking or snap-tight sharps containers, we include a variety of sizes to meet the diverse needs of institutions, hospice, and home health care customers.


Post Medical manufactures a wide range of sharps, chemotherapy and pharmaceutical containers that exceed the special needs of a diverse customer base including hospitals, care centers, clinics, hospice, correctional facilities, to retail pharmacies and beyond.

Container color options

Size options range from 2.5 gallon down to 1 quart with either locking or snap closure caps in colors such as translucent white, translucent red, and solid yellow signaling chemotherapy waste.

Color Options

Our containers colors were formulated to allow the end user to visualize the contents fill level against the “maximum” fill level marker displayed on labels.

Container closure options

Our tamper evident containers feature secure closures that are designed to render CS waste unrecoverable, irretrievable and unusable when combined with our Post Medical Access Control Cabinets and barcode tracking of containers that enable chain of custody controls.

Rose petal style mouth insert featured in our quart containers are designed to provide a soft barrier to help retain contents if tipped or to deter hand or device insertion.

Snap Closures

Post Medical unique Snap Closure designs target the needs of care givers in the field that prefer a smaller light weight yet secure container that can be easily sealed and re-sealed throughout the day

Locking Screw Cap

Vertical Drop Disposal Method

Touchless drop minimizes surface contamination and the need for repositioning


Thick walled polypropylene material is puncture resistant

One Piece Design

Helps eliminate spillage and reduce accidental needle sticks

No Assembly Required

Comes fully assembled in the box

Exceeds Osha requirements

Designed to comply with clinical and regulatory guidelines


Designed for a diverse set of customers from hospital, alternate care, and home care, to retail

Locking Tamper Evident Screw Caps OR Re-Sealable Snap Closures

Unique cap-to-bottle compartment eliminates annoying cap tethers


Access controlled tamper-resistant metal cabinets ideal for securing sharps waste in a wide variety of medical and non-medical facilities


Accessories for cabinets and containers, including stabilizers and more

Made in the USA

From our founding in 1982, Post Medical’s early investments in domestic manufacturing capabilities have laid the foundation for long term success centered around quality 100% American made products.