Container Covers

Post Medical introduces the first line of decorative table top Sharps Container Covers on the market today.

Decorative Container Covers

Post Medical's Conseal! Covers are patent pending sharp container covers designed to enhance interior environments. When compared to exposed standard sharps containers, the look, feel and functionality of Posts Conseal! Covers brings an aesthetic quality to any medical or non-medical office or commercial environment.


Leak-resistant and locking or snap-tight sharps containers for safe handling, transport, and storage of infectious waste

Conseal!™ Covers are the industry's first table top decorative sharps container covers.

Our patent pending covers include an internal screw cap and feet that help stabilize and secure the container/covers to any table top surface reducing the risk of accidental tipping and spilling of open sharps containers.

Each cover includes a laser etched Biohazard symbol for instant recognition and side vents for fill to fill line detection.

Conseal!™ Covers' rubber stabilizing feet contacts are positioned to protect any type of tabletop surfaces from common contact wear

Conseal!™ Covers are offered in an attractive polished brushed Stainless Steel material or hardcoat white pearl finish that is easy to clean and maintain

Compared to standard mechanical door levers instructing users to "lift to assure disposal," our touchless vertical drop method utilizes a drop zone that mitigates the possibility of un-wanted access into the container while reducing the risk of touch contamination

Now available for pre-sale. Please allow 12 weeks for delivery.

 Conseal!™ Covers are offered in sizes 1qt, 1.5qt and 2qt in a polished Stainless Steel or Hardcoated Paint finish.