Infection Control

Post Medical’s line of Sharps Container Cabinets are specifically designed for clinical environments with infection mitigating features

Touchless Disposal

By eliminating touch contamination and waste repositioning, the VERTICAL DROP METHOD is known to be the safest method of sharps disposal

Easy to Clean

Post Medical believes easy-to-clean cabinets are an important consideration. Sanitizing stainless or powder coated steel material with beveled corners and minimal recessed surfaces using facility approved disinfectants is made easy


403 Stainless Steel is the industry standard for protection against bacterial adhesion and microcolony formation

Joint Commission Recommendations

Joint Commission (2018). Environmental Infection Prevention: Guidance for Continuously Maintaining a Safe Patient Care and Survey-Ready Environment. Joint Commission Resources, page 4
Review manufacturers’ instructions and relevant national guidelines before purchasing equipment so that you are confident that the equipment can be properly disinfected and will not pose a patient or health care worker safety risk. Here are some considerations when purchasing equipment and disinfectants: